Similar to any other game, there are some essential rules in football that players require to follow at all times while playing the video game. The regulations are as below.

  • In this game, completely there are two groups to play on field with each team containing 11 players. Of them, 10 gamers are typically the outfield gamers. The remaining l lath gamer is the goalkeeper, who alone has the approval for touching the football round using any body part.
  • This game typically lasts for 90 minutes separated into 2 equivalent fifty percents with each half allotted with 45 minutes duration. The referee gets the right to add some more time ultimately at the game end to compensate for any time shed because of deductions.Football
  • A crucial regulation in football is that besides the goalkeeper, none of the gamers on area has the approval for touching the sphere using hands. They may make use of any other body part, yet strictly not their lower arm and hands. Hence, players of both the teams utilize their foot to run ahead towards their opponent’s goal with the sphere.
  • While playing ket qua bong da cup c1, every player has to follow the outfit code on area, which certainly matters much in this game. There is one certain players’ kit or uniform to use. The attire of outfield players of one group has to be of a various color, which quickly determines them from those outfield players of another group. The goalkeeper needs to place on the attire of a shade, which distinguishes him from all other 10 gamers in a group. In organized football matches, players require to place on shorts, studded boots as well as shin pads that are covered by extended socks. The rear of tee shirts shows a unique number for recognizing every player.

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